Contact us at

For general enquiries, contact

Sett Disturbance/Wildlife crime in progress Police 999 or RSPCA Hotline 0300 1234 999

Between 9am and 9pm, for emergencies e.g. injured badgers or those needing rescuing, use the following numbers:

07977798250  (Sevenoaks and West Kingsdown areas)

07963767654 (Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas)

07366247747 ( for other areas)

At other times,

Kent Wildlife Rescue (24 hours) 07824893399

or  call the RSPCA hotline    0300 1234 999

Less urgent problems including reporting of dead badgers email

For any enquiries relating to East Kent contact the East Kent Badger Group on

The following are good links for their services to Kent’s wildlife

Folly Wildlife Hospital –

The Wildwood Project –

Foal Farm –

The Badger Trust –

Kent Police Rural Taskforce (covers wildlife crime) 0787252185 or 01795433021 or email