We are members of the Badger Trust which is the UK umbrella organisation. Put simply, our role is to protect badgers and to promote their conservation in West Kent.

Our group of volunteers is involved in a variety of activities such as:

Education – badgers are part of our wildlife heritage, we regularly give talks in schools and to community groups such as the Women’s Institute (our talks aren’t just for youngsters).

We also attend countryside events such as the Heavy Horse Show.

Protection – from planning applications, to becoming involved in consultations on schemes for new developments. If it affects badgers, we’re there.

Rescue – we run a rescue service for sick, injured or distressed badgers.

If you come across a badger in these circumstances, or dead, you can telephone the number listed under Contact us to report the incident. Please help us by including a contact telephone number, as it can sometimes be difficult to locate a badger from the information given and it may be necessary to contact you for further details.

Please note that the WKBG is responsible for the area of Kent west of a line roughly from the Isle of Sheppey to Tenterden. The area also extends into Greater London as far as Greenwich.

Advice – we help landowners and occupiers with badger problems and liaise with the police and RSPCA over cases of cruelty or other infringements of badger protection legislation.

Monitoring – we monitor known badger setts for changes and signs of disturbance.