Debbie Bailey on Badger Vaccination – online event

Thursday 31st  March at 7.30pm  – online event

Debbie Bailey, leading the most successful volunteer-based Vaccination project for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, will be our guest speaker

In 2020 38,642 badgers were killed, the highest number since the current cull began in 2013, taking the total to 140,000. The number of badgers killed in 2021 have not been released yet, but it was extended to 7 new areas with a maximum kill quota stated as 73,930.

Jo Smith, chief executive of Derbyshire Wildlife trust, says; ‘The main cause of bovine TB is from cattle-to-cattle transmission. Badgers are not the main culprit, yet thousands are killed each year. For year The Wildlife Trusts have been at the forefront of vaccinating badger. It is now time for the Government to step up it’s commitment and implement a badger vaccination strategy alongside the development of a vaccination for cattle against the disease’

Join our event and find out what is involved in vaccinating badgers. Email WKBG from this website or to join.