An update from Jeff and Jessica about Agnes and Wendy; the two cubs that were rescued in February:


Agnes and Wendy are both doing well at Folly, drinking from their bottles and then sleeping being their favourite things to do. They now look like delightful miniatures of adult badgers. Agnes has had to fight all the way through her 8 weeks of life but is now clear of her immediate health problems and has finished with her medication.

The next challenge over the coming weeks is for them to put on weight and to gradually be weaned onto more solid food. This is likely to be a slow process accompanied by lots of tantrums from the two girls who rather like their puppy milk. Fingers crossed but so far so good.
Anyone wishing to help with these and the other cubs at Folly can visit the Folly wish list on Amazon, become a friend of Folly or simply make a donation. For some items on the wish list, like the puppy milk,  it is necessary to purchase them on Amazon as yourself and change the delivery address to:

Folly Wildlife Rescue
Fairview Lane
Tunbridge Wells

— Jeff & Jessica


Wendy and Agnes – completely inseparable!